Custom-made interiors and the best possible care

The healthcare sector has specific needs and requirements. Besides taking into account the needs of staff, it is extremely important that residents or patients feel comfortable and safe. Some people prefer a white and sterile environment, whereas others prefer a cosy, residential-like décor that invites relaxation. Deholi is an expert at striking the right balance between the two.

The craftsmanship and refined, custom-made work of our joiners have already convinced a wide range of residential care centres, hospitals and rest homes. Using high-quality materials, we always ensure that the final result – whether it is a functional and elegant reception area, comfortable dining area, user-friendly kitchen or fully-equipped hospital room – meets and exceeds your requirements. Our challenge in this context is to increase the functionality, maintainability and comfort of your work environment. This will enable your team to meet the requirements for hygiene while you save time and money.

Interested in finding out more about our healthcare projects? Browse through our experiences section. Do you lack inspiration or creativity? Or would you like a professional to draw a floor plan for you? Our experienced interior designers will be happy to help you.

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