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Photographs of hotel rooms are often what makes people want to check in or stay out. Therefore, it’s important for hotel owners that their hotel rooms have a distinct character and are individually designed. These two elements contribute to a positive first impression which, in turn, will increase the chance of a booking down the line.

In designing and furnishing your hotel rooms you can rely on Deholi as your all-round partner. From as early on as the design phase, our experienced team can assist you in determining the style, design and look and feel of your interior. Whether your style is vintage, modern and clean, or sophisticated, our team members are brimming with ideas to help make your vision come to life. Exclusive bespoke furniture, handmade by our experience joiners to tie in with your style and vision, are an eye-catching feature that will enhance your hotel’s image. If you would like us to design and install a reception in your lobby or create a cosy breakfast room or stylish restaurant for your hotel guests, you can leave that to use too.


Our customised solutions are suitable for every retail concept, whether it’s a car showroom, the reception of a store selling electrical equipment, or stylish interior of a shop. For every project our joiners develop a total concept. From the initial design to the finishing touches, you can rely on us for expert advice and support to translate your ideas and preferences into an exclusive and sustainable interior. An interior with an aesthetic that illustrates who you are and what you represent and where people feel instantly at home.

Or is a cosy dining area, café with a pub-like ambiance or restaurant interior with that extra bit of style what you’re after? With an expert’s attention to detail, our team can help you translate your vision into a design that works.

Browse through the list of completed hotel and retail projects and let our made-to-measure work convince you.

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